Toon Blast – All about Currency

It is the very most accessible game in the early stages; the individual of different age groups can play it. Currency plays a crucial role in Toon Blast, and you can use it in various tasks. In today’s article, I will tell you all the things about currency and how to use it?

However, if you want to get success in the game, so players need to perform different types of activities. Most of the activities are based on in-game resources, namely, coins, lives, and boosters. Let’s discuss how to earn and use it in further paragraphs.

1.  Coins – It is the primary currency of the game. You can earn the coins by achieving objective properly. With the help of coins, you can unlock different types of in-game stuff. Coins are also used to add lives in account. Unfortunately, if you don’t have currency to buy any item, so you should use Toon Blast Cheats for unlimited resources.

2. Lives – It is a crucial resource for playing the game. If you want to earn a lives, so you should join a team, but it’s only possible when you will complete the twentieth level.

3. Boosters – There are different types of boosters available in Toon Blast Cheats that can be used to finish the level faster. If you want to earn boosters, so you should open a regular chest or star chest. There are three types of boosters available in the game. Let’s discuss in following points.

•    Boxing Glove Booster – You can use it, for destroying every piece but in an entire row.

•    An Anvil Booster – It can clear the column in the grid.

•    Hammer Booster – It’s only to destroy single blocks.

Eventually, you also get the boosters in the form of disco balls, rockets, and so on, but you can take at the beginning of the level. With the help of Toon Blast Cheats, you can easily clear the challenges and many more activities.