Need help to play Subway Surfers! Just read this article

If you are one of them who use to play subways surfer for more extended periods in the mobile phone or you are planning to download this adventurous game into the smart gadgets. Then just read this whole article to get the maximum help in the gameplay of the game. Subways suffer one game which supports the running and collecting coins in the game, and there is one policeman along with his doggy who always try to catch the hero of the game. Although the game is quite easy to play and understand there are some aspects of the game where you need to use the Subway Surfers hack tool to understand the secrets of the game.

What to do at the beginning of the game

If you are going to play the game for the first time in the mobile, then follow the first tutorial for the game. The starting tutorial will help you to understand the basics of the game, and you will do wonders in the gameplay of the game.

Hover boards

The use of hover boards will increase your chances of collecting new coins without losing extra lives in the game. There are lot varieties available in the main menu for the Hover boards, try to choose the best one for the race, if you are facing problem in updating boards due to the shortage of coins then use the subway surfers hack to get things to update without spending extra coins in the game.