Manual for Mafia City


Mafia city is the most prominent strategy game and developed by YottGames. The game is for Android devices. You can download this game by free of cost, if you buy some tickets and rewards, and then maybe pay some real money. You are the boss of this game and run your gangs with some strategy or some illegal weapons. The storyline of the game is like any Hollywood movie.

Mafia city Mansion

In mafia city, the gameplay of this game is revolving around the Mansion. Mansion is smart how with some safety point. On the starting of the game, some of the main features of Mansion are looked. You can unlock this by completing various tasks, and you need to fulfill the amount of cash. You can open, all by level up of the game.

Some invest center

One of the main buildings is invest center. Powers is the main resource of war based game. You need some bulky body heroes with some of the minded gangs’ members. You can choose the invest center for training and enhance the power of your troops.

Hospital for wounded units

Hospital is where any of injured or wounded people are treated. For Mafia city, this place is very important for gang’s members. The game contains many battles and war.  Many of gang’s members injured during the battle. They have to ready soon for the next level.

Club upgrading

For speed up your game task, you have to create a big amount of clubs In the Mafia City. All clubs help you to increase your training speed and capacity. And after create it, You have to upgrade all clubs for fast training sessions.

Black Market

Mafia city is purely underworld game. In which some of illegal weapon and gold are used for wealth and power. The black market is responsible for exchange resources for gold and other rewards.




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