How to Earn In-game currency – Boxing Star


Boxing Star is the Number one grossing game for both IOS and Android users. The primary task in the game is to create your fighter, customize it according to your choice and go into the ring to fight. The users have to manage the career of his boxer and upgrade them with more skills, abilities, actions and more gears, etc. The game considers some types of in-game currency which are used to buy and upgrade various items, skills, and gears.

Methods to earn more in-game currency

Boxing star is the game depends on in-game currency as it plays the most important role in the game. The more and more users use the Boxing Star Cheats because want get more in- currency in the game, the more you play the game easily without facing any complications. Following are some methods to earn more in-game currency –

  • Play the game regularly – It is necessary to play the game regularly on a daily basis to earn more and more in-game currency which is in the form of gold, coins, and s-coins. It also helps the user to become the perfect player of the game by improving the skills and abilities.
  • Connect the game to Facebook – It refers to login into the game with Facebook as it will help in earning more coins. The amount which is earned by this method is low, but it is very useful sometimes. In-game currency is also earned by inviting more and more friends on Facebook.
  • By watching video ads – It is the best and easy way to earn currency. As in it, the users have only to watch more and more advertisement videos.
  • By completing daily objectives and achievements – It refers to complete various types of achievements and daily objectives to earn enough amount of in-game currency.


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