Avakin Life 3D game – get into the life of virtual world


The amazing game of Avakin Life takes the player to the virtual world. Here player can live dream life by choosing the character of Avakin. Fashionable and branded cloths are there for the player to use. Player can also explore more locations to live in.


Player of the Avakin Life game can chat with masses of the world. Player can also hand out in his customizable apartment where player can relax friends. Avakin Life Hack can also be used for having more coins and accessory of the game.


Creating avatar of choice

The player of the game can be crazy by creating avatar of his choice as well as choosing favorite style of the avatar to do the activities of player’s desire.


Perfect style of the character and house

Player of Avakin Life can opt for the style of the character as well as house where the avatar lives. There are various outfits, dresses, and accessories to choose for the character to give it new and different look. Not only this, but player can also renovate the house and build rooms and garden and decorate them with modern equipments.

Meeting new friends of the world

Player can also meet with other players of the world and make them friends. Player can show off his perfect outfits and clothes to them. New experience can be gained by the player by exploring all the awesome brands and things.

Renovate dream house

The player of Avakin Life can renovate and rebuild the house of his choice. There are three popular styles to choose from such as Modern style, Classic and Hollywood style. Decorate it with as per your mood and latest fashion. Avakin Life Hack can be used for various other purposes and to earn game coins.

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