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All-in-one Guide to DomiNation

All-in-one Guide to DomiNation

Nowadays there are many role-playing games lovers out there in the wikipedia. One of the top grossing categories of these games is castle-building games. This game DomiNations also falls under this category and this is one of these games ruling the gaming market from its first day of the release. There is no doubt in the fact that you to be clear enough about all the myths about this game and a general walkthrough to the tutorial of the game will take you a long way up to the top.

This game comes with many new names but many of these things are common and you’ve played some games like this including Clash of Clans and many more. Anyways, let me tell you that in this game you’ve to focus not only on raiding villages but farming and producing resources play an important role. There are many things that you should know before you get started with this game. So let’s get to it –

Building and upgrading everything

This is one of the main aspects that every one of new players misses on. Don’t worry about the shape of your base; instead, work on your walls, defense and town hall. This will help you and you can save your all the things afterward and try to upgrade to the extent every time and you’ve to spare time on upgrades if you want to be a better player. Try starting out with market and mills and then try upgrading each and everything. This will be helpful and you’ll see yourself doing miracles.

Expanding Smartly

While you’re in the gameplay, you’ve to be smart while clearing out forests in your base and these forests will help you unlock many new things. You can cut down the forest by using your builders and as result, there will be cutting down of trees all around and new things coming up from the forest. Firstly, go out and remove trees to unlock daily bonuses. These daily bonuses will let you a lot extra and you’ll fell in love with these benefits.

Secondly, you’ve to unlock an alliance for you that will help you join a group with other members. All you’ve to do is to cut down the forest to the North West side and alliance will be unlocked to help you. If you have this in mind while levelling up then by the Iron Age you will get to a higher level and unlock almost everything.

How to earn extra gold?

So, one of the most important key features of this game is the gold. This is the much more needed than food and sometimes with Dominations Hack whole to let you earn much more gold. When you’re a newbie you get some free money and resources and you’ve no idea what you’re doing with all these gold and medals. When you have grown up in the game and level up to a certain level when you get to know about its importance and then you realize you should have saved those.

You can even get more gold in less time by making more roads to your town center and all the resources will be traded to a higher level than before. This will increase your production by 10 times and this is too much according to the game. This gold can help you build a better base and you’ve to try increasing the production by upgrading your resource building and making road connection better.

Protecting and getting resources

So, as we’ve talked about earning more gold and medals. The food is also a resource and you’ve to be protecting them from enemies so that they can’t be looted. In that early age, you don’t have to save the town center and in order to build a better village; you’ve to keep your resources surrounded by defense and walls whereas town center will be placed outside the walls. Try to build a set of walls and empty rooms; this will increase the time taken by your enemy to attack your resources.

I hope this guide works perfectly to tell you guys all about this game. Stay tuned.