A walkthrough guide for Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale Hack is a new action game launched by the future play studio. If you played PUBG and fortnite, then it is not hard for you to play it. You can download it in your mobile phones without paying any cost.  The game also gives you the option of in-app purchase, and with it, you can use the real money to buy certain items in the game. Just like PUBG the motive of all players to eat the chicken dinner first. If you want to be a perfect player in it, then you have to make some interesting strategizes to survive for a long time in the game.

If you are the beginner, then it is good for you to use the tutorial videos as an information source. There are many more things are available to increase your playing standard.

Basic information        

In the starting point, you have to collect the gun for winning all the beginning fights. After this, you should try to search for some more powerful weapons to increase your level in the game. Try to find the shield first if you are going to face multiple enemies at a single moment.

You should collect those entire weapons which you need for the long play. When you try to hit the enemies from the top view, then you should use the high range weapons in these situations. Always try to use the shotgun in the needy moments, because you can win big battles by using it.

Sometimes it is not compulsory to use the big weapon for the fights. Try to use the skills and keep your eye on the right target. If you want to kill the multiple enemies, then try to move slowly to catch your opponent directly. These steps make the game easy for you and try to put your one finger always on the gun button to stop the attacks.


All game depends on your skills to use the weapons, because if you know the right way to handle any gun, then you can make yourself perfect for that individual gun.




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