3 top ways to know the levels of family zoo: the story in a more interesting manner


Family zoo: the story is a popular and entertaining game where you can solve many puzzles and challenges to save the life of zoo animals. The family zoo is a story which is based on the match-3 puzzle. One had to switch on their phone and solve the puzzles which were allotted to you. As you solve one puzzle, you will reach the next level and challenge in the game.

    Know about the target of the game 

The target which you had to set to complete different challenges and objective in the puzzle is that one can easily earn material and ticket. In the game, tickets had their great importance as you can rebuild and decorate the items of the zoo, gardens which surround around the zoo and the animal habitats.

    Smash watermelon and pumpkins

It is quite simple to play the match-3 puzzles as you had to smash the fruits and complete that level in the requisite time period. One can easily smash down the watermelons, pumpkins, apple, carrot, and many other items to solve the task. One can play with cute animals, renovate a zoo and solve match 3 puzzles within the entire game. The size of the game varies with your devices as if you are playing a mobile phone the size is different while playing at laptop varies.

    Complete your task in the allotted time

As you finished your task in the requisite time period, the notification generates in your screen, which determines your successful achievement. Finally, you were able to collect tickets and material, which is an essential part of the game. The hacking tool is best to earn numerous coins for free. It is best to use Family Zoo: The Story Hack to earn tickets as these tickets not only help you to add new animals, but it also helps you to complete other tough and hard challenges.










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